A few notes on backups

– Backup your PC’s to WHS on regular basis

If something happens and you need to REINSTALL the operating system;
– Use the “restore CD”
– It’s located here: “\\homeserver\Software\Home PC Restore CD” (RestoreCD.iso)

Then again Microsoft says:

To create a Home Computer Restore CD, download the ISO image file (RestoreCD.iso) from the Microsoft Web site at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=104683. Then you must write the file to a blank CD. You cannot use Windows Explorer to write the ISO image to the CD. Instead, you need a CD/DVD burner. Most CD/DVD burners include software that you can use to write the ISO image to a CD. Follow the instructions for your burner software, and select the option to write the ISO image rather than individual files.